Cukrovka jako následek obezity

Diabetes-Obesity Diabetes or diabetes mellitus in humans may develop from different causes. As regards the second type of diabetes, is a major cause of obesity.


A Global problem

Obesity is a problem all over the world to a greater extent it is in developed countries. Currently, it is called an epidemic of the third millennium. The number of obese people worldwide has exceeded the beginning of this century, 300 million and growing.

risks of obesity

Of all diabetics is 85-90% affected by type 2 diabetes, which is also known as adult-onset diabetes. The large majority of children are associated with overweight often called. Central obesity (apple type), when the fat is concentrated in the hull.

Type 2 diabetes, hypertension, obesity, impaired fat metabolism and increased uric acid levels belong to the so-called. Insulin Resistance Syndrome. Organism does not respond to insulin in the blood and adds even failure of insulin production. People have due to higher levels of insulin increased appetite and increased food intake leads to the growth of obesity, which worsens insulin resistance. A vicious circle is complete.

Risk of diabetes is in obese humans and fifty times higher than those normally weighing humans. Diabetes type 2 has a clear relationship with both the hormonal substances produced in adipose tissue and to increase the amount of blood lipids (fats) that occurs in diabetes. For most obese diabetics sufficient weight reduction of 10% to be able to reduce medication or insulin injection.

Prevention and treatment options

Basic treatment and prevention of diabetes is strict adherence to a diabetic diet. Healthy eating without excess of simple sugars and fats, sufficient physical activity and maintaining normal body weight can rise delay type 2 diabetes by many years. If already in the onset of diabetes, a patient may thus slow down the development of the disease and prevent acute and late effects of diabetes .

Very good for also increasing physical activity, which improves the use of sugars present in the blood. Greater physical activity can reduce the risk of diabetes by almost half. Assistance may also 30-40 minutes walk every day.

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