Diabetes ve stáří

senior-diabetic Due to the fact still prolonging life expectancy is to be expected with increasing group of patients suffering from type 2 diabetes.


Significantly increasing the number of seniors who are actively struggling with diabetes

However, due to the increasing quality of life in old age, we can assume that among this group we find a large number of patients who will have time to actively deal with their illness, eliminates the problem with the observance of dietary restriction during the time spent at work. Even retirees can take steps to improve their lifestyle or drastic change in eating habits.
Here, however, begs the question – is necessary to wait until the effect of diabetes in old age? The answer is one – prevention. A man who throughout his life actively cares about their health, she is moving and healthy diet reduces the amount of stress in your life is most likely to happen to the patient diabetologist.

The goal of educational programs, health professionals should be especially clear message – the health status of each individual is a direct result of his habits throughout life.

What sport is suitable for older diabetics?

Unfortunately Diabetics are mostly people who, after a lifetime of active movement rather avoid. So what we recommend for example. Woman retirement age who are overweight, diabetic, and certainly can not imagine that he might have to go swimming or jogging? We offer options abound.

If in our neighborhood club Stob (stop obesity), we recommend her involvement. Here it has the possibility to be in the company of such people to learn how to change their habits so that their actions not harm your body. Not offer her any radical drastic diet but will be professionally advised to gradually improve the quality of their lifetime and achieve long-term results.

Tai Chi is an excellent opportunity yet physically inactive diabetics

Another option is tai chi. Tai Chi can be practiced by people of any age or body shape, older cvičenkyně not deterred even the necessity to perform sudden movements or aggressive music and yet, according to medical research, particularly positive effect when you just adjust blood sugar levels in diabetics second degree.

Yoga is also excellent, but older people might discourage them from the beginning of the idea of ​​man as a yogi in a very awkward position in which they can never get it. If it can physicians in patient overcome these prejudices, yoga will certainly benefit for each patient. In many cities you can also find special group yoga instructor for seniors.

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