Lucie Talmanová – žloutenka

The five-day Nicolas Topolanek and his mother, Vice-President of the Chamber of Deputies Lucie Talmanová, will soon go home. Both are healthy and no complications occurred Nasty Square. Arrow told media representative Talmanová Zuzana Palzer.


“Mrs. Talmanová and the baby will be very good. Little Nicolas thrives and it is alive and kicking. She avoided him and postnatal jaundice, so it’s nice and nothing was missing. Otherwise still sleeps. So it’s a very happy spinkací boy, “she said.
Asked when he will be able to father a happy family of pick up and take her home, Palzer said that probably on Sunday.
“At eighty-five percent of it will be on Saturday. Given that moms are dropped from the hospital after five days or more, they would release former home was useless, “she added.

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