Nejen senioři mohou konzultovat svůj zdravotní stav

ozp Seniors usually suffer from various health problems with whom attend various experts. This system does not allow for a comprehensive health assessment.


Departmental Health Insurance Company for the employees of banks, insurance companies and construction (OZP) from 1 July offers both seniors consult by telephone with their health practitioner who comprehensively assess their health and help them find the most appropriate method of treatment.
PWD assistance service allows free, 24 hours a day by phone to get information and consultancy in the field of conventional and alternative treatments. Doctors and paramedics also provide complete information to the caller about the best or nearest health facility in Brno and its surroundings. Only in South Moravia uses the services of persons with disabilities more than 50,000 insured.

Professional care at no charge

“Project Assistance is intended for all clients of persons with disabilities in the South Region, who need advice on health and health care. The service is provided free of charge to all. Our goal is to offer patients the opportunity to consult with and actively solve their health. This year we will extend the project to other regions. “Says Managing Director of DP Ladislav Friedrich.
Great importance has service especially in cases where it is necessary to consult various ways and efficacy. Called. “Second opinion” expert who provides assistance service, can significantly contribute to successful treatment. MD. Taťana Bretyšová, project coordinator Assistance OZP of practice states: “Very often the line Assistance turns people who seek practical advice and information. Usually they consult specific medical procedure or other possible treatment alternatives. Clients often help you find the nearest doctor who is accepting new patients. “Callers are on the line and answered all questions and ambiguities regarding health.

What’s assistance service OZP

– Consulting and advisory service for solving health condition
– Time savings using the ordering system within a selected network of contractual healthcare facilities
– Comprehensive and timely information from all areas of public health insurance
– A guarantee of top professional care in a selected network of contractual healthcare facilities
– Advice on alternative treatments
– Advice on doubts about the method and effectiveness of treatment

OZP caters to clients 24 hours a day

This is the standard free service that is available to all clients 24 hours a day.
“Assistance service does not replace the ambulance service or the work of medical equipment. It is one of the services that we want to support the process of client approach in healthcare, “says Managing Director of DP Ladislav Friedrich.

PWD has already established cooperation with about 80 health care facilities. Assistance service currently used by patients in Prague and Central Bohemia, July is apart from Brno available to clients in southern Bohemia.

PWD is the second largest employee insurance company in the Czech Republic. Branches and branch office located in Prague, Brno, Ostrava, Opava, Czech Budějovice, Hradec Kralove, Usti nad Labem, Pilsen, Beroun, Liberec, Tabor, Zlín, Jihlava, Olomouc, Karlovy Vary, Zdar and Pardubice.

His reputation among healthcare professionals have consistently OZP provides timely payment of all its obligations. The public is then particularly attractive by offering a wide range of services and high quality, reliability and professionalism with which these services are provided optimal network contract of top medical facilities.

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