Pečovala jsem o senilního tatínka

Dementia-u seniors Hello,

I would like to be introduced beforehand. My name is Anna, and in this article I want to encourage all those who devote their care to someone close who is senior in age and begin to explore with him signs of senile dementia.

Caring for the elderly

The last five years I took care of my father and the issue for me is still very much alive. My father died a year ago at the ripe age of 89 years. Because the coming year anniversary, I think many things are already looking at a distance and often with a smile. Sometimes I wonder how I would like to turn nova heard that his: “Who are you ma’am?” My answer was always the same: “It’s me, your daughter Anna.” My father shook his head, Annie is still a little girl and I I’m fifty.

What causes senility

I think that senile dementia, my father had a “responsible” largely diabetes and changes that affect the brain. Dad when little could deciphering puzzles, and almost to the end of the donated at least osmisměrkám. Only with difficulty recognizing his closest was in trouble. For each yogurt saying: “Mmm, that’s a delicacy I have never eaten what is it?” The answers, it does yogurt that I wear it several times a week, always astonished him. He was amazing, absolutely did not know if we poked insulin, if we put drugs or even whether he had lunch. But he described in great detail, what should a teacher in first grade, how was the game of amateur theater and had what my mother wedding dress. The wedding day life and talked late in life, he remembered what it was the weather that had the banquet and what music they danced with my mother her first dance.

Senility us hiding things

Terrible situation occurred on the day when he set insulin. We arrived from the doctor, I made coffee and dad, they sit for a moment. For a while I go putting out stuff from her bag and insulin nowhere. Absolutely, I knew that we imported insulin. But where is it ?! Made locked room mystery. Daddy little handyman around the room and not insulin. Questions if you happen not hide, only he smiled and stared watching. He can not imagine that martyrdom in dealing with new insulin. All the doctors looked at us as some irresponsible fools who zašantročí dad insulin. The whole family was looking for him for two months. A father that nothing that musician. I was sure that he was misplaced in some sudden fit of diligence, but where? By midsummer, the father remembered that he should try leisure suit and a little fresh air it. He was meticulous and likes a nice hast when we went somewhere. In discussing suits, ties and shirts I found insulin. He was suspended on a hanger, in a plastic bag, carefully hidden under several slung shirts. Glimmer of consciousness and dad explained to us that it put there for a rainy day …

Many times we were looking wallet – every other shelter, too, of course teeth and even where everything is. Me your suitcase with secret things as they already tend to our seniors and sometimes grabbed curiosity and discussed with old contracts, photographs, writings and native ancestors and the death certificate, and was totally captivated by what the new find.

On my father, we gave very careful and “ran” We just once. In papučkách, at the end of March, he marched across the meadow. Immediately we were all alert and did not even want to imagine what would happen if dropped or a cold. Since then, he always had someone in charge, and do not think that we forced him to be just at home. When he felt he could nezaškodila little walk, he took under his arm and we walked slowly sneak peek at how to grow vegetables in the garden, as trees bloom in the set, and if we did not forget to give flowers to a nearby memorial.

We never try to somehow Daddy remodel or make fun of him. Such was. He was infinitely kind, a little wag and wisdom of the ages had hidden in his eyes.

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