Problémy se zrakem u seniorů

kiln-of-sight My name is Karl, and from předloňského years, I retired. All my life I worked in engineering for various positions.


With healthy vision goes all

Since childhood I liked the movement, and therefore over thirty-eight years of playing recreational soccer with similar game of fools, I enjoy biking and hiking, mostly on our homelands. Abroad, I have been several times, but home is home.
In my profession, I always need good eyesight. Search for drafting and determining the extent to various types of gauges were a burden on the eyes like thunder, especially in the bleak flashing lights workshops and warehouses material.

After forty my distance vision worse and I had to buy a new and stronger glasses.
After fifty, I had to add a few diopters and near vision.
After sixty years, I strangely sharpened vision at a distance, but it just got worse eyesight for near vision, who retired I need for my favorite reading and crossword puzzles.

Deteriorating eyesight problems

Just before retiring, I started to have vision problems. Burning eyes have considered effort in the preparation of plans and drawings. Nausea and vomiting sometimes associated’m not paying to be associated with the eyes. Later cruel and terribly sharp pain penetrating the whole head, right to expel from the right eye. Swollen and reddened eyelids not be removed with the help of drugs advertised on TV and recommended for a lot of money as a pharmacist.

Slightly blurred vision hounded my comfortable osůbku to a specialist.
I underwent several tests and was found to my glaucoma, professionally known as glaucoma, probably caused by increased intraocular pressure.
I take medication to “zoom out” blindness, which sooner or later will surely come, even if I do my attending ophthalmologist excuses and continually me teaches that it is a medication to reduce intraocular pressure and protect the optic nerve from further damage. Operations modern laser is the latest the possibility that I would like to avoid, but if it is not to fight, I’ll have to submit to the judgment of doctors.

So hopefully seeing you!

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