Senioři a prevence kriminality

senior-crime Unfortunately, seniors are often the victims of criminal acts. How to effectively prevent, respond correctly when neighborly when or how to effectively provide first aid can teach seniors in Brno.


Safety seniors in Brno

Brno city police led a number of projects aimed at increasing the safety of the elderly in the city. For example, the project “Chain” charge seniors mounted safety chains on the door, while municipal police officer seniors learn about safe practices when dealing with strangers.

Another project is “Senior Safety Line”. If a senior at the door appears an unknown person posing as eg. For the babysitter, gasman or an electrician, a senior at the “Senior Safety Line” to verify its identity. However, it is necessary to determine in advance the name of the worker. If it is a fraud usually disappears already during the authentication phase. The number of senior helpline 541248844.

The long-term project is “Senior College”. The aim of the senior academy is to increase the safety of seniors living in the city of Brno. Listeners academy as familiar with the prevention of criminal attacks, domestic violence prevention, methods of security of property, prevention of consumer detriment – the customer.

In addition to these topics, students are familiarized with problems of offenses, with emphasis on public policy and civil coexistence, and to better understand where is the place for the intervention of the police and where it is unused space for interpersonal communication and the search for agreements and compromises for seamless coexistence.

Seniors learn effective ways of self-defense

Specialized courses are focused mainly in activities where it is necessary to obtain not only information, but also some practical skills. Not one of the so-called. Compulsory subjects, but even with them the majority of listeners reported year.

The most attractive course for audience clearly self-defense, which is of course its content tailored to the specific requirements of the project and, last but not least, the physical abilities of students.

Often, in this context, it recalls the experience of being physically active defense can result in an escalation of attacks and thus increase its brutality. That is why our rate of self-defense instructors focus more on tactics and defense techniques, which aim to minimize impact forces, effectively blocked the sensitive parts of the body and retreats which offenders incentive to further violence.

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